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How To Roll A Joint

By Tommy Stones

How to roll a joint
Image by Patrick Slade

Alright, my fellow rolling enthusiast, let's get those creative fingers going and roll up a masterpiece! Here's a stoner's guide to rolling a cannabis joint:

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies: Get your hands on some rolling papers, ground cannabis, a filter tip (crutch), and a flat surface to work on. Make sure everything's in place before you start your creative journey.

Step 2: Preparing the Filter Tip: Take your filter tip and roll it into a tight cylinder. This will serve as the base of your joint, providing stability and something to hold onto. It will also prevent your fingers from getting burned and keep your smoke smooth.

Step 3: Fill 'Er Up: Hold the paper with the adhesive strip facing you. Gently sprinkle the ground cannabis into the paper, distributing it evenly along the crease. Start with a bit less than you think – you don't want an overstuffed joint that's hard to roll.

Step 4: Shape and Tuck: Using your fingers, shape the cannabis into a little cylinder, following the shape of the filter tip. Start rolling the paper between your fingers, tucking the edge without adhesive over the cannabis. Roll it back and forth a bit to pack it in.

Step 5: Seal the Deal: Once the cannabis is nicely tucked, lick the adhesive strip and press it down onto the paper. Gently roll the joint back and forth between your fingers to set the seal and pack the cannabis even tighter.

Step 6: The Roll-Up: With your thumbs and forefingers, gently roll the joint back and forth to distribute the cannabis evenly. Keep it tight, but not too tight – you want it to burn smoothly.

Step 7: The Final Touch: Now it's time to twist the open end of the joint. You can use a pencil, a pen, or just your fingers to twist up the excess paper. Make it tight enough to hold everything together, but not so tight that you squash your precious creation.

Step 8: Admire and Light Up: Take a moment to admire your handiwork. You've crafted a cannabis masterpiece! Now, all that's left is to light that bad boy up, take a puff, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Rolling joints might be a bit tricky at first, but don't get discouraged. With time, you'll become a joint-rolling ninja, impressing your friends and enjoying a smooth smoke every time. Roll on, my friend! 🌿🔥🚬

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